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    Active Wear Looks

    Here is some of my favorite Active wear looks

    How to style Active Wear Pieces, using XXIV ACTIVE (24 Active) Pieces

    Are you a lazy girl/guy too? Love dressing up comfy pieces and calling it fashion?? Me too.. It all starts with cute comfy clothes.

    I just found this brand called XXIV Active and they have some really cute pieces and I had a few delivered—here are the active wear looks I put together.

    The Neutral Inspired look has XXIV Active’s Crochet top leggings found here: https://bit.ly/2Mq8fnv **these run small, so you might have to shimmy yourself into them!**

    Orange Top with XXIV Active’s Blue Leggings: https://bit.ly/2U16lOz **these are on sale for under $50, limited sizing, I have small**

    A recreated tezza pose for a monochromatic blue look–wearing this blue sports bra from XXIV Active: https://bit.ly/2zGPbip **I was a little hesitant on how this would look on, but I am genuinely impressed and it looks like a short crop top, so it can be worn with high rise shorts too!!

    Lastly, this nude crop top: https://bit.ly/2UB0Gza, paired with some camo shorts from Tribe Kelley. I really love this top, however it DOES NOT hide sweat (found this out while wearing it for fashion purposes :\ ). It is still a really cute top and I would size down if you want it to be tight!

    CODE: “JAZMIN” for 10% off

    I hope you guys enjoyed these May/June favorites from XXIV Active. I found them on Instagram and was really excited to get my package in and start wearing them to the gym. I especially love to cobalt blue leggings–GO BLUE! It’s always AFTER I graduate, that I start repping my school colors, why am I like this..

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