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    Where to Stay in North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

    North Shore is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I couldn’t believe we were calling this home for 7 days! The Airbnb we stayed at, was right on Sunset Beach, which by the name you can guess, is the best place to watch those Hawaiian sunsets.

    North Shore is unlike most places in Hawaii, when compared to Waikiki or Honolulu they are basically polar opposites. Waikiki and Honolulu are gorgeous as well, but is more of a city atmosphere and North Shore is a close knit family location for tranquility and relaxation. We booked our Airbnb less than a month before our arrival in Honolulu.  Britt and Susie were so helpful and worked out the details with me with our short notice.

    The first two nights Rose and I stayed in Waikiki, at another airbnb.  It was small like most places there, so be careful when choosing your destinations in Hawaii.  It was a simple place with a bathroom and bed, which was really all we needed for the first two nights anyways.  We ate at Cheese Burger Waikiki, Wailana coffee shop, and Hawaii famous Dukes Waikiki.

    This is our home in North Shore

    This location is perfect for smaller families, couples retreat, or some friends getting together to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian visit.

    The first thing we did when we got to the North Shore was to eat!  Rose and I had been starving all day after our long hike and our driver recommended us a little Mexican restaurant called Cholo’s. I had a cheese quesadilla with black beans and it was AMAZING and large enough to take home some for the next day!

    We then grabbed groceries at the local Foodland, and really helpful tip is to budget big when it comes to buying food in Hawaii.  In Tennessee, I would typically pay around $.90 for a can of vegetables, but in Hawaii they are each around $2.00-$3.00.  We planned for breakfast: cereal (cheap and quick), fruit, eggs and bacon; Lunch/dinner: spaghetti, tacos, lettuce wraps, quesadillas,stir-fry ;Snacks: various teas and 100% kona coffee, chips, cookies, and ice-cream.  The ingredients ranged from spices to sauces to meats and had a total cost of $280. This averages around $40 for 7 days which is around or less than what you would spend at a restaurant.

    We then went home after a long day of grocery shopping and photographing, to eat spaghetti, watch the sunset, and hangout edit/write blog posts to the sound of the crashing waves. We loved being able to cook from home simply because we never wanted to leave, haha!

    If you are planning your trip to Oahu here are a few things you might want to consider:

    1. Does it have air conditioning. (this was something everyone told us to look for, we thankfully didn’t have to use it too much because of the ocean breeze)
    2. Does it have wifi.
    3. What do you want to do more of? Hiking, lounging, surfing, snorkeling, touring?
    4. What do you want to be closer to? Town, shopping, etc.
    5. What is your budget?  Hawaii is pretty expensive in terms of housing, but you don’t want to mess up your stay with a less than home!

    These should all be factors when you are looking to stay in Hawaii (Oahu).  Most places to not have air-conditioning but most places to have wifi. If you are considering North Shore, there isn’t much shopping, but there are gorgeous beaches and trails to hike just like honolulu and Waikiki.


    This is an arial view of our home around noon.  You can see there aren’t any people on the beach.  It is very secluded and the families that live here are respectful and really don’t come out until sunset.

    They provide bikes which are perfect for sunset rides, going to teds bakery, and sunrise shack! They also have paddle boards, reef shoes, and boogie boards. 

    This is the cutest welcome each day!  I have to say the outdoor shower was high on my list of favorites about this home.  I used it nearly everyday!

    This is one of the two rooms that has a king bed, and one of two that has a beach view!

    We enjoyed this space as much as possible during out trip.  Each morning I would walk out of my room, enjoy the sound of the waves while drinking a cup of 100% Kona coffee.

    Even the access point to the beach is perfect.  We had alot of fun filming this spot.  It is so mesmerizing to look at.

     Although we loved being outside every chance we got, we loved sitting in the living room to watch movies and play mario kart! But I can’t forget about the samsung sound bar that has bluetooth, so you can rock out while cooking or editing.

     Britt and Susie were so kind to create this book of amazing things to do in the North Shore.  We loved Ted’s Bakery!!

    If you do plan on staying in North Shore while you are in Oahu, I can’t recommend this place enough.  Britt and Susie were perfect hosts to a perfect home.  I can’t wait to book my next trip out here and I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else!

    If you do plan on staying in this airbnb or an airbnb on any upcoming trip, use this link to get $40 towards your stay: www.airbnb.com

    We were offered discounted rates for our stay, but we are already looking to book again because the stay was so extraordinary.

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