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    Travel Log: St. Augustine, FL

    St. Augustine, FL- The oldest city in America. With spanish influence, this town is far from boring. In 2020, I travel to St. Augustine, FL twice. Once in March and the other in July. Both times we stayed with my Aunts who live walking distance from the historic area.

    There is a lot to do in St. Augustine, but for the youth it might be fairly boring. Not much, if any, night life (not a problem for me) and if you’re not into historical tours and monuments, it probably isn’t the place for you. AS a content creator, the area is FILLED with beautiful instagramable locations. We were unable to go into many of the stores on our second visit due to regulations and the shutdowns, so all I can really say is head to the main town (with the college) and walk around through all of the historic streets and shops. That being said instead of telling you what you should do/see, I’ll give you some of my favorite locations to take photos–The important things, haha.

    **All of these areas are walking distance from each other**

    First Up: Flagler College. That beautiful building behind me, topped with brick red and surrounded by palm trees, it holds beautiful history and amazing architecture. You can tour this area and snap some AMAZING instagram photos.

    St Augustine Municipal Marina: this is right by the downtown area. Clark and I ended up having a picnic by the docks, complete with a homemade sandwich, chips, and drinks on the way. It was romantic, hot with a nice breeze, and the perfect spot for an intimate lunch. Be careful about the times you go, we didn’t have any problems taking photos and enjoying the boats, but of course: Don’t touch, be respectful, and don’t cause a ruckus.

    Ripleys Believe it or Not: I normally would NEVER venture towards a Ripleys, but this one has a beautiful replica of The Statue of David by Michelangelo. It photographs well and it doesn’t cost anything to see it, just walk onto the premises and its surrounded by giant shrubbery.

    The Face Fountain: Lastly, I’ve came here twice to take photos, because it is such a cool spot. I loved it the second I saw it and every time we pass it, I admire how fun it is. I got a lot of great feedback from this post and of course I had to add it into this post. St. Augustine, FL is the location of Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth, this is NOT that, but its free and the surrounding areas are just as photogenic as these faces!


    Since my family lives in St. Augustine, we didn’t eat out as much as a normal travel trip. This definitely helped save our pockets, but when we did go out–we found some gems that we eventually came back to on our second visit.

    I highly recommend:

    • Juniper Market (Coffee) $
    • Salt Life Food Shack $$
      • A really good Salad
      • Everything we tried was really good
    • Mojos Tacos $
      • Get the cheese dip is tasty
      • The mahi mahi Tacos are to die for
      • The Shrimp Tacos are also lovely
    • Mimi’s Famous Crepes $
      • These are so good, my aunts have broken their diet 3 times for them, haha


    The Beaches of St. Augustine are your typical lower east coast beaches. You will definitely need a towel or chain and you MUST wear a pair of shoes–if you have sensitive feet. My feet were on fire after walking this location, because I found out the hard way that it was a seashell beach. The water around March was FREEZING, so we didn’t get in.

    When returning in July, the weather was beautiful and the water was comfortable.. We headed up to Vilano Beach and we caught some small waves and some much needed rays.

    While I only skimmed the surface of things to do and see in St. Augustine, I want to include a few honorable mentions of things we did and where you should go:

    The Lighthouse 10/10: While we didn’t go in, we did admire it from the outside of the gates and featured it in my Youtube video (Below). It is my aunts’ favorite spot on the island and they even have photos of it in their home.

    The Red Train Tours or trolley tours: if you really want to see St. Augustine in a short amount of time and learn some cool history, my aunts highly recommend jumping on one of these!

    Fountain of Youth: You can get a sample of the water and “stay young forever” haha. It is just nasty sulfur water but if you would like to see it, feel free! There is just a small fee associated with it and then you are all good.

    Oldest Wooden School House 5/10: Clark and I visited this while walking down one of the iconic streets. It was an interesting and small little building, not much to see but fun if you have kids in school. At least we can say we’ve been!

    The oldest Jail 8/10: Clark and I also toured this attraction. The guides are “hoots”, dressed up in old jail uniforms– they put on quite a show while bringing you through the old containment cells. There is plenty of history to learn and it was actually pretty interesting to see the living conditions of the inmates at the time. If you want to bring young children, they would be okay, but if you are sensitive to topics such as hangings (briefly mentioned, it was a part of the history of the jail), it probably wouldn’t be best to skip over this excursion and just admire the building as you drive by.

    Visit more here:


    If you end up traveling to St. Augustine, FL, please enjoy the beautiful historic city. Remember to be respectful and courteous to locals. It is such an amazing place and I only skimmed the surface of things to do here. Enjoy your time and watch my videos below for some visual fun!


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