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    Private Urban Decay Event

    Wednesday-January 24, 2018

    This weekend I had the privilege of attending a private event with Urban Decay and their makeup artist Steve Kassajikian (a total sweetheart), based around their new All Nighter Concealer Launch.

    The event was held at Pinewood Social Bowling Alley in Nashville, Tennessee.  Placed around were cocktails and plates of finger foods, but all I had was a few pieces of pita bread and hummus (which was totally yummy).

    After a bit of socializing, bowling, eating, and celebrity sitings, we were color matched by Steve–Then we headed out.

    All Nighter Review— I went basically barefaced to this event and I don’t usually wear much makeup, but I swatched all of the shades and they were super creamy and didn’t feel to dry which is a huge plus for getting smooth makeup underneath your eyes!  I was matched light|warm and it is PERFECT; It literally covers any blemishes and it really lasts all night (I could barely get it off my arm after a couple minutes)


    Urban Outfitters Beret

    Rebecca Minkoff Bag

    Scarf (From a Subscription Company) YPKCREATIVE


    Love these amazing UD goodies!!

    Dark Shades

    Lighter Shades; Shade 3 (from the bottom) is mine.


    Quick Tip from Steve,  the concealers do get a tad bit darker once reacting with oxygen so if a shade appears to be a bit lighter, you can go with it, because it will get a hair darker!



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