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    October 2019, Clark and I traveled to Portland, OR to stay with some family. Needless to say, Oregon is an interesting place; home of “keep Or weird”.

    Being from TN, the West Coast can be a whole different ballpark when it comes to sites and people. You must keep an open mind if you plan to travel out West, things are different, but in a good way too.

    Why did we choose Oregon?

    Well, traveling is expensive, so having a place to stay helps with price ALOT. We were also fortunate that they allowed us to drive their car so we didn’t have to rent a vehicle. Aside from cost, we were genuinely enthused to travel out West again after 2 years since our last visit. I had been researching places in Oregon for photos and there are TONS of engagement photographers here, so you know its beautiful!

    We stayed in Portland, which is relatively trendy. It has its rougher areas, but if you travel to Division Street (which is like the 12 south of Nashville) it has some amazing local spots.

    Multnomah Falls

    On the Way to Mount Hood

    The West Coast

    Like I said, the West Coast is an interesting place. If you are from the East Coast and find yourself vacationing to places like the gulf, you are missing out on the wondrous beauty of the West. It literally takes my breath away reminiscing on these photos.

    This on in-particular, steals my heart, because while we were setting the shot up–we saw in the distance WHALES! It happened to migrating season and we had the pleasure of seeing them blow water so far in the sky that we could see it atop this cliff.

    I can still hear the waves crashing as I am writing this. Each photos feels so nostalgic and I’ll never forget seeing this place for the first time.

    Tasting Portland

    If you enjoy food as much as I do, you will love Portland. While they do have a lot of chain options, they have a lot of local options as well. When we traveled to the beach, we at Pelican Brewery and it was REALLY good. They incorporate Tillamook’s Diary products–which we heard that Tillamooks has amazing food, so visit their Creamery!

    Don’t forget that they are coffee snobs here too. You can find a coffee shop on every corner. One of my favorite things to do was watch out of the car window and try to find cool shops–spoiler–their are a TON. I wish our stay was longer so we could have ventured down Division more.

    If you decide to visit any of these places when you are in OR, you MUST visit Salt and Straw. I believe there are a few different locations, so you might not have to drive far, but when I say this is the best ice cream i mean THIS IS THE BEST ICE CREAM. They use local sources to flavor their ice creams, so you’re supporting local that also supports local businesses–win win. If I haven’t convinced you yet; clark said before we tried it, ” i am fine with just plain ole Baskin Robins–I don’t want to wait in this long line”, he tried it and talked about it for the rest of the night–so we went back the next night before we left, bought a pint for the family and a souvenir beanie to remember it by.

    This was a long ramble session to basically tell you Oregon is amazing in many forms: Food, Sights, and Coffee. But I hope you enjoyed some of the photos and if you aren’t already–Follow and check out my Instagram to see more posts from Oregon!


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