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    Morocco for Nomade #ChloeGIRLS

    If you do not already know, I recently won the @Tezza X @Chloe giveaway for Morocco.

    A week or so before winning, I had been asking the universe for a sign. “Should I keep doing this?”. Not sure if this is my sign, but I’m definitely taking it as one.


    During this trip I learned what it is to be a nomade from an actual nomade. The fragrance and chloe as whole means so much to all of the people who attended, it is truly a magical experience.

    –The scent also smells heavenly and lasts all day!?

    Welcome by Chloe

    Chloe does it BIG! I filmed a 40 minute video explaining what its like to be on a PR video and luckily I go some insight that Chloe does it right. It’s like no other when it comes to their Marketing strategy–Honestly it works. Ever since I saw the nomade journey for the first time, I could only dream of going. Now look at me!

    I even got a Nomade bottle with my name engraved!? Is this real life?

    The Hotel

    We stayed at the Fairmont in Marrakech, the most beautiful place I have ever stayed. The service is like no other and the earl grey tea comforted me while away from the ones I love!

    I spent a lot of time here simply because there wasn’t much to do at the hotel other than sitting by the pool, spa, gym, or eating. I didn’t have a plus one, so I was alone 75% of the time. That being said, I did a lot of eat, I think this might be my thing–I should become a foodie at this point.

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    Day 1: Desert Day

    The first full day in Morocco was spent well. I ventured all over the hotel taking photos, a few below are taken with a tripod–I will never take Clark for granted after this experience.

    After crawling all over the area snapping photos, I changed into my swimsuit and decided to take a much needed moment in the sun by the pool.

    What was it like?

    After a relaxing morning at the hotel, we packed up our stuff and headed for the desert. It was a beautiful drive and an even better camp! Now… What was it like?

    Honestly, pretty crazy. The drive out from our hotel was around 45-ish minutes. Bumpy and hectic–people drive like maniacs here, the lines are merely suggestions.

    Picture a line of like 15 black mercedes vans driving in the middle of town and the desert to this camp. We looks like either a funeral line or like the queen had just arrived.

    The camp was BEAUTIFUL. Hard to explain, but a bunch of tents popped up in the middle of nowhere with a load of girls running around getting their perfect shot.

    A few things we partook in: Music Therapy (weirdly relaxing and spiritual), Horse Training, and learning about what it means to be a nomade.

    Day 2: Chloe Villa in the Mountains

    I really saw Morocco on this drive. The buildings, the architecture, the famous moroccan doors. I also saw the local living and shops–It was extremely eye-opening and we are all very blessed.

    Day two consisted of a drive to the mountains, the rain forced us to cancel a few activities but the villa made for a lovely spot to photograph.

    A few activities scheduled were: eating, painting, and a look into the life of a traveling photographer. I really enjoyed them all but painting had to my favorite. I was sat with @gypsea_lust, @doyoutravel, @orionvanessa, and @brittenelle— All really amazing and down to earth people. We painted what ever the landscape made us feel. I became distraught and repainted mine 3848934 times before it turned into…well… I can best explain it as a tree cut in half.

    Overall the experience wasn’t like I expected. With a few twists, turns, and bumps in the road, I found that I truly love what I do and hope to be apart of more PR trips in the future. I learned a lot from the beautiful and talented women–Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet them all again at some point.

    Morocco and its Beauty

    Oh the architecture. I could live the rest of my life at the Fairmont. The landscape, service, and architecture is so beautiful. I enjoyed my walks from my room just so I could photograph and take in the scenery.

    Please enjoy my photos below, I am working on a platform where I can sell them to be printed for wall art!

    I want to end this blog post by saying thank you to all of the creators, Coty girls, and Chloe. I had an amazing time and created some of my favorite content on this trip.

    I am not being paid or asked to post any of this, I won a trip and every opinion is my own.

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