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    Clearest Skin for Spring

    Skin care has been a huge topic of discussion for me the past year, and recently I’ve been having the same conversation over and over, so here it goes.

    About a year ago I was asked by a new company to review some “skin clearing miracle cream”, (not really how it was worded) so I kindly agreed.

    I followed the steps on the website:

    Sign up, fill out the quiz, and send in a photo of your skin (make sure to keep this photo so you can compare later).

    Soon enough, my custom skin serum was at my door.

    After about 3 weeks I noticed those small little bumps of nothing on my forehead and cheeks were completely gone.  It seemed impossible and out-of-nowhere, but I wasn’t going to complain.

    I then started getting compliments and questions about how I cleared up my skin.  I have talked about this many times and if you are someone that I’ve had this conversation with, you know I am extremely passionate about Dermacare because of the results I’ve seen.  I have never been comfortable with a bareface until now and I’ve been using dermacare for the past year. Since using it, I think I’ve really only had a hand full of small break outs, but that is understandable with stress, stress eating, and college–am I right– But even after the breakout, I notice the DC working right away, and it’s gone in no time.

    One thing I wish I would’ve listened to on the instructions, is to NOT PICK AT YOUR BREAKOUTS, it seemed like the healing process took longer if you pick at your blemishes, so what ever you do DONT!  [ Plus, this will also help with aging]

    You can see my results and others on their website:


    A little about Dermacare:

    Dermacare isn’t a “product”, but a service.  They create a specially designed formula for YOUR skin, to help with they problems you have addressed.

    The idea was originally designed for models who have to constantly have clear skin to maintain work.  It proved successful and was finally released to the public.

    I have personally spoken with the man behind it all (Dr. Alex Jovanovich MD), and he was so kind and informative about what his vision of the business is.

    Note: This is not a cleanser, this is a serum that goes on after you have cleaned your skin to prevent break outs that acne washes do not do!


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