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    “Fashion stems from Confidence”

    Trying new things and being inspired by others will help you grow in your fashion journey. I spent 85% of my life wearing what I was “supposed to” and never what I wanted to. My style has evolved into an melting pot of trendy, girly, vintage, and just plain fun! I love styling a pair of Mom Jeans with edgy heals, a trendy top, and a fun bag. This look quickly became my new go to, after wearing it around Nashville.


    Mesh Top: https://go2b.uy/link/5ac076ceb33f4a4782c56c371a4b97dc

    Similar Top: https://go2b.uy/link/98aeeec5be704020a277d9b864544511

    Bralette: https://go2b.uy/link/cc664bb5f07f47fd9638403dab33bd31

    Jeans: https://go2b.uy/link/391de66bebc344fabc7f17e209ef1626

    Bag: https://go2b.uy/link/67fb1feb68b040be889cb0fee9d74e70

    Belt: https://go2b.uy/link/2745fd20487444959af7ae52ce38b9bc

    Other Topshop coupons: https://www.stylinity.com/coupons/@Topshop/@jazminscheitel

    Topshop is a great place to start when your on the prowl for a new look. They really do have something for everyone! I found these super cute, retro mom jeans for $80 and they fit perfectly.– I have always struggled with finding jeans that fit bigger hips and smaller waist. When I was first putting the jeans on, I was afraid they wouldn’t fit, but once I got them over my hips they hugged my waist perfectly and I still had some wiggle room for my thighs. If you don’t have the same problem when finding jeans, but maybe something else. They have a Fit Guide on their site that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Share a photo of you seizing the day in your favorite pair of denim and tag #TopshopStyle

    This is a Topshop and Stylinity sponsored post.

    This is a TopShop and Stylinity sponsored post.

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