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    Bikin-spiration + How To Shop Bikinis Online

    So here is some Bikin-spiration for this lovely summer.  If you know me, then you know my love for swimwear!  I wish I could own a piece from every swimwear company, but I’d have to get a bigger closet 😁.

    shopping swimwear online


    If you are someone like me, who is shaped like a pear or hourglass, than you might know the struggle.  I know that I am a 32C for cup size, but it always seems like I need anywhere between an XS to a M.  My bottoms also range from S to L being that I am 38 around the hips.  This can make it SO hard to find a swim suit that will fit perfectly.   I have found that size charts can really make or break a swimwear buyers experience.  If you THINK you are a S and you get the bottoms or the top and it ends up being WAY to small when the size chart CLEARLY states that you should have been a M, that is your own fault and it could have been avoided. (But sometimes the size charts run funky, so make sure you know your measurements.)


    If you have ever found yourself online shopping and you have found this item that is photographed as the HOLY GRAIL of *what ever your looking at*, you might become suspicious as to whether its too good to be true. I ALWAYS look for reviews before I buy something, because a lot of places still don’t offer free return shipping which is SUCH an inconvenience. At the point of having to pay for return shipping I might as well attempt to sell it elsewhere.

    Usually there will a number of stars review and most people will write whether or not they liked the quality, the sizing, or their overall experience.  This tip overall has helped me with so many purchases especial SWIM-ASPIRATION #2.

    Tip #3: READ THE RETURN POLICY (this goes for any online purchase)

    Like I said above, make sure that you can return the swimsuit for free if the sizes do not fit, because return shipping can be a ******.


    If you have read the page up and down and are still a little cautious about something, always look for a contact form.  Talking to the company themselves can make a huge difference. They are typically helpful and reply very quickly. For examples swimsuit #2, I had ordered a small for both, because there was not an option to change bottom sizes, so I emailed the companies when I received them and told them the bottoms were WAY to small and I needed a large.  They sent me the entire bikini again in a size L, so I gave the top to Emma and she loves it too!


    This is a completely vintage/retro swim suit by speedo, that was actually my moms.  I have kept it since she gave it to me at age 12 (is that strange?). I always loved how high waisted it was, so I kept it and would try it on every so often.  (Maybe I was a head of the trend?)

    The material of this swim suit is very soft and ribbed.  I love the high neck and high cut sides on the bottoms.  The colors scream fun in the sun and I can’t wait till I find the perfect opportunity to use this in a vintage shoot some day.



    This swim suit has been a dream!  The floral looks so prominent in every photo I wear it in.  It is fully padded, but the bottoms do run a tad small (these are a large and there is minimal coverage).  I like when a bathing suit comes up a little farther and not so low rise, because I do have such a long torso that it really can make me look a bit strange.




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