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    Festival Outfits

    It’s almost been a year since Bonnaroo and I really can’t believe it! I had the best time with my girl Liv and I thought since Festival Season is right around the corner–Why not post some inspiration?

    In April, Liv and I willl be heading to good ole Cali for the Coachella Music Festival and I have been looking like CRAZY trying to find the perfect outfit~it doesn’t exit~

    So I started looking through my outfits from last year and what worked and what didn’t… So with out further-a-do here are my Festival Looks + Tips from Bonnaroo!


    Maybe this is self explanatory–Bralettes are a life saver. Festivals are hot and sweaty, so be prepared. I love a good crochet or lace bralette as much as the next girl because they do sooooo many things, for example: hide most sweat, keep you cool(er), and well…. it’s stinking cute, okay?!


    This might not be your style, but jewelry is always a must when it comes to making an outfit look 100X more put together. I threw on the same 4 necklaces and 15 string bracelets everyday and was instantly festival ready. I will say, try buying a necklace that already has multiple layers with only one clasp–especially if you are camping–that way you aren’t having to worry about them getting tangled together or in your hair.


    Ah the infamous kimono. I threw a kimono on every day and it saved my life. It kept me from feeling too exposed because I was basically wearing pajamas all day (you do you), it was nice to sit on and it really took the outfit to that next level–Bohemian points X10. They are also really easy to find. You can go into any local boutique or amazon to find a cute flowy piece, I got mine from BohoBuys and Lizard Thicket!


    This might not seem like an outfit necessity, but your face is apart of your look, I mean, HELLO!? I used sunscreen daily because… well… I was in the sun, but I also used it as a face paint. I used it to make this little dot look after the sun started to set and the crazies came out–It really was a fun DIY.

    —-Also, look at that yummy pina colada!?

    ——–ALSO, this was my favorite look of the whole festival, I feel super comfortable and cute in the blue tones. It was casual with the bralette and flowy shorts, but put together because of the jewelry and kimono!

    Alright! That is the 4 easy festival outfit tips I have for you. They might be basic, but can really help keep your head level when looking to find the ~perfect~ festival look. Follow me on IG @JazminScheitel and tag me in your festival looks! Also, share your favorite outfit to Pinterest on your Festival board–it’s never to early/late to start looking for inspo! xx

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