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    What Makes My Hair So Curly

    #1 Question: “How is your hair so curly and long?” [it’s genetics]

    I get a lot of questions regarding my hair, and how I keep it healthy, growing quickly, and the products I use.  These are honestly hard questions for me, simply because most of my answers actually aren’t that helpful.  My hair naturally grows really quickly (this gene is a blessing and a curse, and laser hair removal is TOO painful).  Given that I am super lazy when it comes to ACTUALLY doing my hair, I just don’t do my hair.  As long as I can remember my “hair routine” literally is a routine, because I haven’t really changed it…. Ever….  I wake up and go, thats about it.

    But recently I have been trying to test out different products that will keep my hair holding its curl through out the day.  My hair by day three is a frizzy, matted, semi-straight/wavy mess.  Nothing I’ve tried has kept my hair locked and volumized.

    I was recently sent a product to test out and my results were mind blowing.  I have never hair three day hair hold any curl, let alone, FOUR DAY HAIR!

    When I saw my hair after it had dried I screamed…..No joke.  It seriously blew my mind.  I will sometimes get lucky with a few mousses but the results do not last and many of them make your hair crunchy which is one of the worst feelings ever..

    Blended Pure

    [For curly hair]

     sulfate, paraben, and mineral oil free.

    The ingredients:

    sooth frizziness

    allow a light weight feel

    “locks curls”

    If you test it out, make sure to let me know what you think I love hearing from you all! Instagram Message me: @Jazminscheitel

    Curliest Hair Ever: Just Click Here

    Blended Pure Website:Hair Care + Skin Care

    Color correction (keeps away the brassy tones):

    Shorts: REVOLVE (no longer available)


    There is also some serums, shampoos, and conditioners for hair growth.  Not to mention there is also skin care too!!



    This product was sent to me by Blended Pure, but all of the writing and opinions are my own

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