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    What 23 is to me

    March 5, 2021. I am 23 this year and I wanted to write a blog post about what 23 is to me.

    I usually spend every year on my birthday in tears, maybe it’s because I’m a pisces. But, I would throw myself a pity-party if I didn’t wake up to HBD text and calls–expecting people to remember ME on top of their busy lives.. Not to mention, I literally can’t remember sh**, so how could I expect someone else to?

    This year, I vowed to enjoy my birthday, by celebrating ME.

    I started out waking up at 7am, because I always feel better when I wake up early (also more time to celebrate, duh) and I headed to the gym. I wore one of my favorite outfits and got in a good sweat session before heading to Starbucks for my free birthday drink (Matcha of course). Then I talked with Clarky while he was on break, happily screaming manifestations for my 23rd year.

    What 23 means to me, is that I am spending the year doing things I WANT and being unapologetically me. As I am always trying to please everyone, I really want to focus on me.. That means posting what I want, saying what I want, and doing what I want (we will see how long that lasts, but for now I’m manifesting that energy). 23 means I will surround myself with people who make me happy and make choices that will fill me with endless joy. More travel, more content, more laughs, and more love- I accept this.

    I hope this year your birthday is what ever you make of it.. But until then, cheers to 23 and ME ⚡️



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