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    Unique Watches for Spring

    Today I wanted to share a perfect, unique gift for the Spring (Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini) babies in your life!  If you are looking for something that is usable, sophisticated, and special I have exactly what you are looking for. I recently came across the Jord wooden watches and I have to say I was a little timid about it at first.  The idea of a wooden accessory didn’t strike me as comfortable.  I had my doubts but as soon as I put my wrist on I fell in love (so did Clark).  The materials are light weight and is way more smooth than I had anticipated.  I imagined it scratching me and looking too much like wood, but I was proven wrong

    Luxury Wooden Watch

    There are alot of different watches to chose from so if you aren’t looking for a full on wood finish, they do have other options.  I chose the FRANKIE 35 series Dark Sandalwood & Mint and it has a beautiful earthy feel, with the dark wood and feminine fit, as well as a Pisces touch of oceanic blue.

    I’ve never had a watch like this one in my entire life and it quickly became a staple in my every day wardrobe.  It’s a great conversation starter and I use it everyday.

    A time piece is a perfect gift for anyone in your life, it is usable, stylish, and can be kept for years to come (the gift that keeps on giving).  I decided to style a shoot with the watch and I have to say it fits it perfectly.  Time is inevitable and should be used wisely. Make memories, love often, and give good gifts people!


    Speaking of,  I actually am teaming up with Jord for a Giveaway, but don’t worry if you don’t win there will be a discount code sent to you that you can use at check out!! (closes March 25th, 2018)





    We pisces desire to escape reality, to travel and be in touch with our spirituality.  That being said, take this into consideration when you are picking their gift.  Earthy features are key as well as pops of blue tones like teal and turquoise.

    Pisces Female: Strong earthy wood tones with a bright minty blue– Frankie 35-Dark Sandalwood & Mint


    Pisces Male: This watch gives me strong Poseidon Vibes, with it’s driftwood texture and the light grey inner that reflects beautifully off the sky! Dover- Olive & Acacia


    Aries are courageous, confident, and passionate. They are also very head strong and determined!

    Aries Female & Male, I found this photo paired together on Jord’s instagram and it seemed like a perfect fit for Aries.

    Women: Feminine rose touches, with a strong wood accent– Cassia-Walnut & Vintage Rose

    Mens: Masculine and Dark, this watch is more on the pricier side, but it it will never go out of style! Meridian-Dusk-Walnut & Olive



    Taurus’s are earth signs and enjoy gardening,  music, and high quality clothing.

    The perfect wooden watch for your Female Taurus is the Cassia Zebra & Ivory, it’s very simplistic and modern, yet still has an earthy feel with the light wood.


    For the Mens watch I chose a Masculine and clean look from the Dover Olive & Acacia (Clark is a Taurus and liked the look of this).



    Gemini’s are “extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see”  (astrology-zodiac-signs.com).

    Female Gemini: I chose another Frankie 35- Dark Sandalwood & Slate, because it is very neutral.  The colors will work nicely with any outfit, which is important for a curious gemini.

    Male Gemini: Dover Ebony and Copper, for a industrial look.





    Sponsored Post, but all opinions are my own.


    1. April 19, 2018 / 7:15 am

      I love to wear a wooden watch. The post is very informative and you have shared very cool designs of wooden watches thanks for the review.

    2. June 12, 2018 / 8:51 am

      WoW! what a nice post. All the watch designs are beautiful. I love to wear the CASSIA series wooden watch and the jord is best.

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