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    Tropical Getaway: FL

    Location: Destin, Florida

    Nothing is more beautiful than traveling and finding yourself lost in the culture.  I had the privilege of stay with the Wagners once again on another adventure filled vacation.  Our lovely destination, I am sure you have guessed, is Destin, FL.



    August 15th, 2017.  The prediction of weather for the week was mostly thunderstorms and it ended up raining twice, once at night and then once during the day, but nothing unbearable.  We were walking back into our hotel room after a long day at the beach and dinner, shortly after taking the photos and the bottom had fallen out of the sky.  It rained for a about 20-30 minutes and finally quit, so it was the perfect time to get out and get some B-roll. (If you doing know what B-Roll is: CLICK HERE)


    Places To Eat:

    We stopped at a lovely little shop off the road called “Shakes” about…. three times *says shamefully*…  If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping by, if you are looking for a good local place that you wouldn’t find near your home.  It is little on the pricey-er side but the rootbeer floats are pretty solid and what happens on vacation stays on vacation.

    [Not to mention we met the cutest little puppers named Jake]

    Places To Shop:

    When in Florida it is typical to stop at those local shops that sell all of the tacky merch, so of course we had to stop by a few.  If you are wanting to shop at a store that has a few things worth buying then go to: Innerlight Surf & Skate. They sell items you might actually wear from brands such as billabong and ripcurl. They sell the prettiest beach towels and surf boards, so if you need a good place to shop and look around, this is your place.  Not to mention the man and woman working were delightful.

    What To Wear:

    Considering it is REALLY humid, especially this time in August, I would recommend breathable material.  Most of the clothing I brought was swimwear and light weight materials like linen.  Keeping things trendy and comfortable is always a must and there are plenty of great styles you can find on Billabong, Revolve, and more affordably Windsor and Tobi. Click each title to see my Gingham Go To Inland Tropics, & Highwaisted Summer Babe

    Where We Stayed:

    We stayed at the lovely Holiday Surf & Raquet Club Condominiums.  It has direct access to the white sandy beaches, two tennis courts/shuffle board, a pool perfect for families and small children, a workout room (but who really uses them? Because lord knows when your on vacation you HAVE to “treat yo self”.), and the rooms themselves are very well kept and keep really cool which is perfect for the dense humidity.

    NOT MY PHOTO FOUND ON GOOGLE [custom edit by JS]

    The Best Places To Have Spontaneous Photoshoots:

    When in Florida there is always a beautiful place to take photos. I always love driving around and taking last moment turns until you find the perfect spot. Most of the photos we took were on the side of the street in front of vacation homes, and the only word of advise I can give is BE CAREFUL, because trespassing can get you into a sticky situation.  Although it looks like we were deep on some properties we made sure to keep to the sidewalk area.  There are also a ton of cute colorful, textured walls and beautiful streets everywhere you look.  We even had a photo shoot at a local mall!

    Local mall around sunset when the lights come on and create a beautiful booked


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