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    Around a year and a half ago I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful place.  The Grand Canyon.

    If you ever in your life are able to take a trip to AZ, you MUST make a stop.

    (Here is how my experience went.)

    We left Sedona, AZ and made our way to the Nation Park.  It took what seemed like 4 hours, but finally we made it.  We made our way down this semi-deserted looking town that had these rustic, little road-side shops where they sold hand made items such as dream catchers, jewelry, and blankets.  It is not like you can see the Grand Canyon while you are making your way to it, so it wasn’t like I knew what I was waiting for.  The excitement really wasn’t there.  We stopped to get our first photo with the Nation Park sign and continued along our way.  It was so strange, because as you can see in the photo with the sign, there were a ton of trees, it was like driving through a forrest.  I was expecting some sort of desert vibe.

    Finally we made our way to the destination, parked, and walked up to the edge.

    Where we were, you could not see how grand it really was until you walk up on the ledge.

    I can not ever put into words how magnificent the experience was.  Of all places I have been, this was by far the most amazing.  Imagine looking out and it was as if you would just see a dinosaur just walking through a rock valley.

    We walked out on ledges, defying death and loving every minute.  Looking down/ out at the canyon and examining every curve and color change.  It truly was an experience of a life time.

    If I can suggest anything that you might listen to, let it be that you MUST see this world wonder at some point in your life.

    Heck, book your ticket right now, get an airbnb, and take advantage of those vacation days and see this beautiful place.

    We also went to the Petrified forrest, which was honestly tree stumps that looked like rocks ( not too exciting, but tourist-y).  We visited Las Vegas, it was okay… I had sushi with pop rocks and it was life changing-ly amazing, yes you read that right, pop rocks.  We visited a crater and I had to brush my hair for hours because it REALLY tangled it up, but I got a cool pin that is on my camera bag and I love it. Lastly, we went stargazing in Sedona and I have never seen so many stars or even the milky way, but goodness gracious the sky was painted with glitter.

    God is good.


    The Petrified Forrest (I honestly do not recommend, but hey be a tourist!!)


    The windiest place I’ve ever been, but honestly really cool.  I have never seen a crater before, but space is so fascinating.  METEOR CRATER



    VIVA LAS VEGAS (elvis has been here,  so I had to)


    Who else has seen these cute little huts from an iconic movie?  Ill give you a hint: they are cones in the movie instead of teepees.



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