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    Tan Summer Glow

    So I recently got the chance to test out a self tanner that is pretty popular in the media world.

    I would like to disclaim that this isn’t a sponsored post, but I was sent the self tanning kit to test.

    I believe few of you know that I used to work at a tanning salon, and though it was mandatory to be tan, I didn’t use the tanning beds as often as they anticipated me to.  I felt guilty every time I went in even though I had lathered myself in lotion.  I hated our spray booths, so I usually just bought the self tanning spray to do it at home.

    I’ve tested out quite a few self tanners and I have a good idea of solution qualities, smells, and colors I like best for my skin.  A few names to mention are

    Novel Products: works great, but smell isn’t the best

    Jergens: Smells Fine, not great, very green undertones.

    St. Tropez: Smells Horrible, too orange-y, but lasts long.

    I’ve tried all of these lotions, oils, mousses, and sprays, but nothing that worked really well or actually smelled decent (Clark hates the smell of self tanner).

    I recently tried the Loving Tan Dark Solution foam and I absolutely fell in love.  I always thought the youtubers + instagramers reviewing their products were paid (maybe they are), but I am NOT being paid, but I can honestly say it work fantastic.  I prepped my skin for the self tanning process, and lathered away with my mit.  I will say that it can streak so be careful!  If you go with a dark solution the streaking appears to be more noticeable and the fact that I am using a dark solution on really pale skin, doesn’t help in my favor.

    It doesn’t transfer hardly at all, so that is also a plus, but I don’t recommend wearing any light colors, just for safety purposes.

    If you guys have any questions on Loving Tan, like more thoughts or anything I possibly didn’t answer feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to help you decide what will work best for you… After all, spring break/summer is coming faster than expected, so don’t fall too behind!


    Loving Tan’s Website

    I used the Dark Foam + Shimmer for these photos!





    Crop Top: Forever 21 (the website doesn’t do it justice, it’s not a mustard yellow!



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