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    How To Take Self Portraits

    I see photos like this on many of the photography accounts that I follow, and it can seem impossible to achieve, if you are not wanting to pay for portraits and/or you don’t have anyone take the photos for you.  But it’s not as hard as it might seem. I used to only do self portraits and honestly,that is how I got better at photography and “modeling”, by learning what worked best, setting and pose wise.

    The camera I used for 7 years was my Canon 60d.  I used it for photo shoots, instagram, home/youtube videos and everything in between.  It was my baby and as I grew over the years I realized it was time for me to upgrade.  I now have the canon 5d mk IV and I am constantly shooting.

    I try to keep busy shooting subjects and brand for instagram and filming youtube content, all while making sure I have something to post every two-three days.  This can get frustrating and can seem impossible with a schedule like my own.  I usually will ask Clark or Emma to go out and shoot, and we will make a few hours out of it, but sometimes they have other things to do and that means I have to find an alternative.

    Self portraits are my usual go to, unless I can find another photographer in the area or even resulting to my brother (who isn’t that bad: here is post he shot for me). Saturday October 14th, I had driven up to Murfreesboro to photograph someone, but plans fell through, so I drove behind a closed building and found some beautiful greenery between two rusty trucks.  The golden sun was shining behind them and the tones… IM LIVING FOR IT.

    At the time I didn’t have a tripod on me, so I took a quick trip to best buy to get a cheap one that I could use.  the one I found was only $20 and it…. well lets just say it got the job done… I set up my camera on the tripod, placed it in the desired spot, zoomed in where I needed it to be, got on my Canon App (which controls my camera from my phone), focused and adjusted the lighting, and shot away. (It wasn’t always this easy)


    Another Self portrait shoot: if you are interested…

    Below I listed a rough guide on how to take your own self portraits and trust me when I say it is as easy as 1,2,3……4,5,6.

    Now that you have finished looking at what you could potentially create, here is my rough guide!

    How To Take Self Portraits:

    1.  You Need a Camera and a Tripod
      • Anything with a timer will work: an iPhone, a $50 camera to $5K camera.
      • A tip I like to remember is that the camera doesn’t matter, its who ever is working the camera!
      • Any Tripod will work!  You need this to put your camera on while you shoot.  I bought my first (current) tripod when I was in 6th grade for $50 from walmart.  I still use it to this day, and it has not failed me yet. (It’s some sanpak one)
        •  Although,I will say that quality has definitely decreased since then. The $20 tripod I used for this shoot, I had bought from best buy, made me so nervous to put my camera on, in fear that one of the legs might collapse. [I am aware of the price and how this is a factor]
    2. Find A Location
      • I have shot in the strangest places: a blue rusted dumpster, between a window and dining table, and even near some foliage on my neighbor’s house.
      • Location is key, but there are always diamonds in the rough! You don’t have to travel two hours to find a good location, just shoot around you!
    3. Set a Timer or Buy a Wireless Remote.
      • If you don’t know what a self-timer is, it is a setting on your camera that will typically last 2-10 seconds before taking the photo.  I can not lie when I tell you I don’t think I ever am not using the 10 second timer.
      • There are also wireless remotes you can use, but I would always run back to my camera to check the photo anyways, so I never really used one.
    4. Check Between Photos
      • I fortunately have an app on my phone that allows me to see what the camera is seeing, so this isn’t something I have to do, because I set the photo up before I take it, but before I had this luxury I would run back and forth between photos to see what the picture looked like, to make sure my: positioning was correct, the lighting was okay, and that I was in focus.  This will also help you learn how to set up a photo, which in turn, gets easier with practice.
    5. Edit
      • For me, editing is key.  I never underestimate a photo until I get it into an editing software, because who knows, you could have a gold mine of photos with one simple filter. (I am guilty of loving filters too much, but they are so fun!!!)
    6. Patience
      • This whole process is very time consuming.  I could spend up to three hours trying to get my money shot before I would pack up. I love having photos that look like they are taken by some one else, which can be hard if you have tripod, because you can be very limited. With that being said you can not give up after the first few duds.


    I hope some of these tips help you in the future, and possibly help you boost your instagram feed, blog, or what ever else!  I plan on creating a bunch of these types of posts, sharing some of my accumulated tips and tricks.  If you have any suggestions on what you want to see my email is down below!!


    Instagram post:  CLICK HERE

    If there are any other questions feel free to email me at: JazminScheitel@gmail.com



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