It is almost summer and I am getting a head start on clear skin.  There is nothing I love more than getting to walk out into the warm, sunny air, with a cute outfit and minimal make up!

    During the summer I tend to only wear mascara, and I have been thinking about getting eyelash extensions, that way I do not have to wear make up at all! Don’t get me wrong, I love putting on make up, but there is just something about a fresh, tan face that is most appealing to me.

    I was sent my two bottles of my personalize Dermacare solution and moisturizing base, to test out for three weeks.  I sent the company my photos to be analyzed and a few days later I was sent my custom solution.

    My problem areas were my back (the crazy weather tends to dry my skin out), small (but many) bumps on my forehead and chin, and frequent little break outs in my T-zone.

    I tested out my solution for 2 1/2 weeks and I honestly noticed a difference with in a week (which they say you won’t, but I noticed less break outs and a soothed skin appearance). It wasn’t hard to end my day with my solution right before bed, but I did notice that when I had gotten it on my lips, my lips would dry out pretty badly in the exposed areas.  My solution was to, of course, not get it on my lips, but also keep some chap stick close by.

    I have never found something that worked for me as well as the Dermacare solution did for me.  I was constantly sending (annoying) Clark with my transformation photos, because I was honestly so excited about it.  I have been using my solution for around 4 1/2 weeks now, and I am still LOVING it.

    What is Dermacare?  I will leave a link after this so you can check it out for yourself, but the doctor I was in contact with made sure that I knew exactly what I was using.  He informed me that Dermacare is not the solution you receive, it is the company, the brand.  What you get, is not “Dermacare”, but a custom solution.  

    I know what you are thinking when it asks you to send a “selfie” for a custom bottle, and how sketchy that might seem.  But the doctors are very legitimate and very friendly!  If you have any issues or questions there is a contact area so you can be in reach with someone on any problems you face.  

    Dermacare was, at one point, exclusive for models and actors.  Designed so that models could have clear skin to work with, considering it is more professional to have a clear canvas. They recently branched out publicly and are offering their services to all of you!

    I have a special coupon code for all of you to receive your first month free, because they do have a monthly subscription, and they have free refills, and if the product is not working for you they will fix the problem and send you another one!

    Coupon Code: “Free4Jaz”

    Here is the website:  CLICK HERE

    I noticed my complexion was more even, my blemishes started disappearing, and those annoying forehead bumps are G O N E!!!  I love my results, now it is your turn.


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