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    A Bikini for Your Bohemian Soul

    Have you ever had a bikini that was like the holy grail, if fit you, it flattered you, the colors looked amazing in photos and boosted your tan? It seems hard to find, but you can give up yet.  I might have found a swim suit that will do all of those things.

    I have had my fair share of reversible bikinis, I mean, who else’s mom bought them boat loads of reversible swim suits with the craziest patterns?  I know I probably had about 7 and that really meant I had 14 😂 (my mom is a budgeting fanatic).  Eventually the reversible swimwear trend faded, but like most trends, it had circled its way back THANK HEAVENS.

    Imagine going on a weekend beach trip and only having to bring 2-3 bathing suits instead of, like, 7.  That’s convince in a nutshell, especially since I have a tendency to leave my belonging at hotels and rental homes.

    A new company just released their first collection on swimwear for the summer and they are giving me all kinds of bohemian, fun vibes!  “Boho Soul Bikinis” was established in 2016 and has finally released their summer line of vibrant swim pieces that are…. wait for it….. REVERSIBLE!  Not only is the fit of the top serious so soft and fitting, but you have two options to choose from.  BSB prides themselves on the endless possibilities of the swim wear and how you have FOUR unique looks with just ONE suit.  On top of the saturated colors and versatility, each suit is extremely well made.  Most new companies tend to lack in the quality section but BSB holds up with a solid 9/10 for quality and is comparable to many more expensive swim lines. (Not to mention they are also made in the US).

    I decided to opt for a boho, simplistic look for these photos and the color popped SO much, I am in love!

    Check out the different combinations below!

    I love wrapping the straps around like this!

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