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    Photography Tricks: Rainy Window


    How to get raining window shots WITHOUT the rain!

    I recently saw a really beautiful photo on instagram of a girl in a window, crouched down, with rain dripping down the glass.  It was so beautiful and it really inspired me to create something similar, being that I have never taken a photo like it.  I waited for the rain, and of course, it wasn’t going to come for a week or so and I just couldn’t wait!  One day I took my quick weekly trip to goodwill and saw this painting in a huge frame and knew exactly what its potential could be…

    If you are looking to create moody photography shot like the few i’ve included but don’t want to shoot in the rain (who wants to potentially ruin their camera anyways?), I have found the perfect way AND you can stay warm and cozy and shoot this style anywhere.

    This technique is perfect for anyone looking to challenge their photography skills and is easy for anyone!

    What you need:

    • A picture frame with glass.
      • you can find them at goodwill like I did for just $6! (Or $5 with a student discount)
    • Something that can spray water.
      • I used an empty facial spray or you can purchase one from dollar tree.
    • A Picture Taking Device
      • Whether that be an iPhone or an actual camera, you will definitely need something!

    Guide to Rainy Window Photography:

    1. Remove the photo/painting for the frame.
      • My painting had these really annoying prongs all over the back so I had to undo them to remove the cardboard from the back.
    2. Discard or keep the painting/photo you have removed.
    3. Make sure the glass is secure with in the frame before you lift it up
    4. Take your spray bottle of water and spray the board till you get a dripping effect.
      • If you are getting circular sprays that make it look unnatural spray closer to the top, in a row, so the water will build up and run down.  This seemed to help it look more like rain.
    5. Grab that photo taking device, find some natural lighting, and experiment away!
      • Oh, and try not to get the frame in the shot!! (I ended up having to crop on some pesky edges)




    This is a great excercise for anyone who is new to photography, or looking to spice up their skills.

    This technique is also amazing for product shots as well.  If you are looking to get interesting perspectives, this can give really unique results!

    I hope you guys will try this out on your own, it was a lot of fun experimenting with the water and how different angles make the portraits look so different. Enjoy some of my own shots below for inspiration!



    This gives me “girl on the train” vibes.

    Let me know if you want to see more photography tips and tricks in the comments down below, and if you have any requests leave them as well!


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