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    About OTIS+GREY: Visionworks’ exclusive new line,  launched July 1, OTIS+GREY is ideal for those seeking a nostalgic look that maintains a modern energy.  Inspired by eyewear styles and accessory trends seen on the streets of New York. The brand thrives on vintage vibes and consistently utilizes unique colors and timeless designs to create an eyewear line that is both contemporary and classic.

    Style: OG 7021 Blue

    This style is so timeless!  As soon as I pulled this pair out of the packaging my mom instantly said my Grandfather had some really similar to them.  It’s hard not to love a metal frame glass, they are versatile and sleek. I really couldn’t believe how well they looked on both men and women.  Pictured above, you can see them styled on Clark and myself!


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    Style: OG 7018 Black

    The most versatile style–try saying that five times fast.  Black is a staple color in my closet, simply because it goes with literally everything.  When I saw these, I new it was fate; I can dress these bad boys up or down. I originally ordered these for Clark, however, this frame is fairly thin, so depending on your preference, I think these have a more feminine feel.

    Coffee Shop Approved!

    Style: OG 7012 Tortoise 

    Saving the best for last; I am obsessed with this pair.  Tortoise is making a huge comeback with its vintage vibes–not to mention how perfectly it goes with a retro big frame!!  Enough about the cover, lets talk about whats on the inside.  Right here, we have a blue lens.  Now, “what is a blue lens?” you might ask..  It is a new technology that is popping up all over the place, and Visionworks is allowing access to their clients.  As a creative/student/shopaholic, I am constantly spending time on my computer.  This means I am constantly exposed to blue light from my computer or phone screen.  Prolonged exposure can cause damage to your eyes–Have you ever experienced a headache (or an eye strain) after using your computer for awhile?  This is caused from the light emitting from your screens!!  With the blue light emitting lenses, they will filter out the damaging light to help with eyestrain and those obnoxious headaches. Woohoo!!

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