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    Meeting Creatives in Nashville

    January 8th 2018

    A few months prior to this event, I had just got onto a new site for influencers to find each other (email me at jazminscheitel@gmail.com if you want to join).

    I was searching for local creative in the Nashville area and came across a lot of really amazing people, one of which was Jayda, a local photographer with an amazing style.

    I had messaged her and complimented her work, then asked her if she would want to collaborate on a shoot.  We kept in touch but never picked a date.  Finally around two months later, we set up a brunch on an upcoming Sunday.  We talked about where to go and eventually decided to meet up at Milk and Honey.  The wait was around 45 minutes so Jayda decided to show me the infamous M+H wall. (If you know, you know).  As soon as we walked around the corner, two ladies popped up from sitting on the floor to greet Jayda and I.  One of the girls was named Heather and has worked with Jayda in the past and are now good friends.  The other girl, named Joanne, was visiting from Texas and was quick to introduce herself.

    We then asked them if they wanted to sit with us, being that we had already waited 45 minutes to eat and I’m sure their wait was going to be longer. We all joined each other and began swapping stories and instagram handles.  I learned that both ladies were into blogging and Heather was also a youtuber.  It’s funny how coincidences happen and how many other people you find are interested in all of the same things.  I grew up in a town where you never seem to leave.  Everyone finds a job, a home, a spouse, and proceeds the rest of their lives…. This wasn’t for me….  I love the creative side of everything, but Murfreesboro wasn’t a place for creators to find each other.  Nashville, on the other hand, is a pool of creatives.  Everywhere you look on 12th ave. is a blogger or photographer and its amazing.

    When you find a place where creativity manifests, you can’t help but be drawn to the energy.  I fell in love with the connections I had made on January 8th, and I am excited for my new found journey and opportunities. I made connections and possible collaborations that day and I am excited for what is to come.

    Some advice I can give to anyone looking to start a blog/photography business/youtube/etc., you need to collaborate.  This is something I was really hardheaded about.  I thought that I could do everything by myself, so I did.  This left me with a small level of growth on both my instagram and youtube platforms and I never understood why.  Algorithms have changed and the only sure fire way to grow, is by collaborating.  You will be introduced to new audiences who will soon fall in love with your style and creativity, you will also flourish new friendships and your skill level will grow the more you learn from each other.  Creativity is powerful and its hard to  realize till you find different kinds.

    Social Medias

    Jayda’s Instagram: super cute and bright

    Joanne’s Instagram: @Joanne_xu

    Her Blog: TheStatusJo.com

    Heather’s Instagram: @heatherraelynn

    Her Youtube: Heather King



    My challenge to you all:

    • Find a local creative–  This can be harder than you think, but not impossible.  Doing things as simple as searching on instagram can jumpstart a new connection, but I know a great place to find people effectively (email me: Jazminscheitel@gmail.com).


    • Meet up– This can be kind of scary, and I have been stood up before, but you can’t let that dull your hope.  Find a public place and get to know each other and share your stories.  I love hearing about how people grew to love what they do, and it might light a fire inside you, and encourage you to “do more”. This is where you can talk about your ideas, if you have decided to create something with the other creator(s).


    • Collaborate– Find what works best for the both of you and get creating. If you are a photographer, then go on a photography shoot together.  If you are a videographer, find a concept and go shoot for the day.  If you are a blogger, go out and shoot some styles, have brunch, and go shopping together.  There are endless possibilities of things you can do.  Collaborations are not limited and even shouting someone out on your instagram stories can be considered a collab.


    • Watch where it can take you–  After you have posted your new content and have tagged the other creator(s), watch and see how your numbers will grow.  I am not saying this is the easiest way to gain 100 followers in a day, because everyone numbers are different.  But you are being introduced to a new group of people, and they may love your feed and give you a follow.






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