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    I recently just posted this photo on my Instagram [Linked:] and it really blew up!  I had tons of messages and emails from brands and all types of exciting stuff.  I am so happy that you all enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy some other shots you may not have seen yet!


    I actually purchased this top at a local shop in Destin and the pale yellow is honestly what caught my eye.  I never really wear a lot of graphic tanks or tanks at all for that matter, but I really just LOVED the color.  Yellow has made it to the top list of colors for this season and I am excited to see more variations of yellow coming this fall (hinting at a piece I will feature soon on my social accounts).  I wasn’t too thrilled about the writing on the top, but the more I look at the photos the more I love it. If you can’t read it it says “summer babe”, which I thought was kind of fun, being that I was trying to look like a “Summer-y Beach Babe”.

    Beach Babe Shirt: WHICH IS NOW ON SALE

    (and I am kinda salty..[beach pun]..)


    I have been obsessing over this high waisted trend for swimwear recently, but I have a particular taste.  I not only love the high-waisted look, but it HAS to be high cut as well.  The high cut offers an elongated effect on the legs and the high cut really helps bring the waist inward, giving that hourglass shape. I originally had my eye on a BEAUTIFUL set from Sahara Ray Swim. (CLICK HERE) But the suit is WAY out of a normal price range so I went with a suit from zaful.

    Zaful Suit: click here

    Zaful suit more similar to Sahara Ray suit: (which wasn’t available when I was buying, but is SO much cuter!)

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    Brands looking to Collaborate


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