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    Looking Back on 2017

    Today is December 31.  This is the day we reflect on the year that has finally come to an end.  The moments that we cherish, but will someday fade from memories, are celebrated on this day.  To me, the New Year is not a fresh start, there isn’t anything I wish to leave in 2017 because every new day I leave the stress and (not so great) moments to the days before.  2018 will be a year of hard work and prospering, whether I grow successful with my youtube, photography, or/and blog, I know that I will achieve things I can’t even fathom.

    The week of December 17 I made a video reflecting on my 2017 year.  I started out thinking I was going to comb through hours of footage to find moments that were substantial because I looked at 2017 as a slow period where I didn’t accomplish anything.  But as I began searching through my folders I found so many moments I had just…. Forgotten…  I had to narrow down all memories I thought wouldn’t matter in a few day/months/years, to include.   As I took a trip down memory lane, I saw little moments that I didn’t realize can just slip from your fingers as fast as they happen.  I found 2017 to be a year of happiness and self constructing.

    I really just can’t believe I saw 2017 as a slow/dead period of my life, where I seemed to be stuck in a glass box, when in reality it was a time that I took to figure myself out, find my “niche” and set what I want to achieve for my future.  I hope you can all view 2017 positively, regardless of any negativity that has presented itself.  I am sending love and positivity to those reading this, and those in your lives, for a life changing 2018.

    May you achieve those long sought after goals, find what makes your heart light with fire, experience the impossible, and simply surprise yourself.

    2018, a year of prospering




    A few of the memories I will soon forget from 2017:

    1.  I received my 5d mk iv camera, which changed my filming and photography possibilities
    2. I got adobe software and challenged myself to grow.
    3. I bought a ronin m stabilizer for my camera
    4. I went to Gatlinburg, TN with the Wagners
    5. I went to Florida with the Wagners
    6. I went to California
    7. I went to Kentucky with Clark and the Boys for a car show.
    8. I grew a more dedicated following (all of which I love dearly)
    9. I worked with tons of brands and can be taken more seriously as a working influencer/creative.
    10. I worked at Buckle, then Dillards, and then finally decided to take the leap of faith and work with my mother.  It is the best job I have ever had, and I get to work with my best friend.
    11. I grew closer with Clark, Emma, and his family.
    12. I maintained a high GPA in school.
    13. I ran into my brothers car in the drive way (not a good memory, but some day a funny one.)
    14. I rekindled my love for acting and modeling
    15. I lost my touch with god for a bit
    16. I found myself and thanked him.
    17. I realized that time isn’t my enemy and success is a work in progress.


    I challenge those who read this to make a list of things you accomplished, regret, loved, and experiences in 2017, because what might seem small or to large to handle will someday dull.  10 years down the road you will be able to look back at that list and see how far you have come and how small those obstacles were (or how the sent you down your path).

    Something for myself to compare at the end of 2018:

    Following counts

    Instagram: 2983

    Youtube: 6,777

    Blog: 33 consistent readers


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