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    Leather and Loafers

    I am loving leather this season, if you haven’t checked out my latest lookbook on my youtube channel (I’ll have it linked below) then you have yet to see this lovely jacket!  I purchased this lovely item from Windsor Store and even though it is still pretty hot out side I am being stubborn and wear the darn thing.  It is just so cute and can totally transform an outfit.  If you have yet to add a leather jacket to your wardrobe then you are missing out/ slacking!  IT IS A NECESSITY!

    I over all love this look and how effortless it is.  The loafers I had picked up the day before this shoot from TJ Maxx for $14… yes… $14.  What a freaking steal!  They are beautiful and so comfortable and they look really expensive on and in person which is my favorite part.  I opted for these instead of your more common loafers with gold or silver buckle/accents across the top of the foot, so I could wear they with any accessory.

    The denim is a pair of thrifted American Eagle mom jeans and they fit really big at the waist so I have to wear a belt even though it can give some weird looks because of how tight I have to get it. Yikes.


    Leather Jacket: Windsor Store




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