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    Weekend In Florida Keys

    Cuban Coffee Queen, Margret St.
    Smathers Beach

    Where We Stayed

    We Stayed in a Double Tree by Hilton in Key West, literally right next to the airport… I would recommend looking at some of the charming airbnbs and boutique hotels, as they are closer to everything. We took notice to The Kimpton, it’s trendy and looks beautiful!–May have to take a trip back just to stay here.

    Where We Ate

    100 Miles to Cuba: $ we ate breakfast here on our way to snorkel and swim with dolphins (more info under “what we did”).  It is a small little shop that can be hard to miss-we drove past it twice before making the right turn.  But once you are there, walk up to the window and make your order.  We both had egg, ham, and cheese wraps and they were made by the sweet woman who took our order.  It was honestly the best meal we ate the entire trips… We also got a guava pastry, but I’d probably skip on those unless they were made that day!  We also saw quite a few people who only ordered coffee.

    Cuban Coffee Queen: $ I grabbed a quick coffee here as I used their mural for the header of this blogpost.  Not only is the coffee great, the location we visited has a perfect mural and has such a beachy island feel! I ordered a small iced cuban caramel and it was DELICIOUS. Not too sweet, not too bitter–Just how I like it! 📍Margret Street for the Mural

    Baby’s Coffee: $ We did not visit here, but I really wish we had.  Our local friend recommended that if we liked coffee we HAD to get Baby’s.. We weren’t able to make it on our trip, but definitely on our next one. (It has amazing reviews online as well!)

    Conch Republic Seafood Company: $, In Key west, after walking around looking for places to eat, we settled on Conch Republic.  We split Crab Cakes (soggy and small) I had catch of the day and clark had chicken tenders.  Overall, overpriced and not that great.  however, the fries were solid.

    MisoHappy: $$ In Key West, Clark and I split a specialty roll (which was not as good as the sushi we get at home) Clark got chicken pad thai and I had Florida pink shrimp pad thai.  I would not recommend mine, as everyone at the table agreed the shrimp tasted funky.  The pad thai in general was very good, but I wouldn’t recommend the shrimp.

    La Trattoria Oceanside: $$ In Keywest, this ocean view restaurant is very filling.  We each got a chicken fettuccini.  Without the chicken it is $15.5 and with the chicken it ended up being around $30 (not sure why)…  I would recommend splitting, it’ll be plenty.  We split a salad and ordered one soft drink. The total ended up being $75.  Overall very good, the service was great, but we were not expecting to spend that much!


    Who We Flew: 

    Allegiant Air, the flight was around 2 hours from BNA and we loved that Allegiant offers this direct flight. We used our Allways Reward points for the round trips, it was perfect!

    What We Did:

    Visited the Southern Most Point, continental USA:  If you visit this area, make sure you are prepared to wait in a lengthy line for a photo. We just walked right up and got a selfie, we didn’t want to wait in the heat.  It’s definitely a fun sight to see and you can easily drive right by it with out stopping.  But it is a MUST when you visit Key West.

    Walk Duval Street: not much but souvenir shops and some local artists.  There are a few restaurants but nothing we ate at.  This was recommenced to us my many people and possibly there used to be more bars? But we didn’t see much other than the famous Sloppy Joes (which has a cut off time for food at 5 pm!)

    Harbour Walk: This is short walk lines so many ocean front bars and gives you amazing views of the docks and boats.  We walked this a few times (intentionally and unintentionally) as it was really easy to get from one street to the other.  

    *Not in Key West, but still the Keys*

    Swam with dolphins at Dolphin Connection: This has been on my bucket list for YEARS!  Our friend Madison is a trainer here and we were so excited to see her show off her learned skills.  The experience was like no other and weird felt unreal.  They are such amazing creatures, so be respectful and make sure to tip!!  I will also note, they are all very kind, love answering any questions you may have, and the facility was clean and the dolphins were very much loved and well taken care of!!

    Snorkling & Sunset cruises:  we visited our other friend billy at his work Solé Watersports. We did a snorkel adventure and ended at a sandbar for some relaxing.  There people of all ages who enjoyed the experience as much as we did (again make sure to tip your boat boys if you loved the experience!)  Lastly, we went on a sunset cruise where Madison joined us. It was such a fun day on the water and unfortunately the sunset didn’t happen due to overcast, but everyone took advantage of the free drinks haha!


    Harbour Walk
    smathers beach
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