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    The GoPro Accessory you NEED

    If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen a recent posting (the photo below) of myself half in and half out of water.  I tried time and time again to get that shot with my regular go pro and couldn’t figure out why the shot didn’t look right.  I finally googled “how to get half in and half out of water photos”.  It brought me to this dome.  Granted the dome was designed for a dslr camera and was an outrageous amount of money..  A few years later gopro’s were more mainstream and they developed the same sort of housing for them.

    I constantly found myself adding it to a list of things I needed to add to my collection, but never ACTUALLY bought it, it just kept falling lower and lower on the list. I finally decided it was time to buy it with the money I had earned from my youtubing and photography.  I understand that it is not a lot of money but I kept finding other things to spend my money on.  About four days ago I decided to “spoil” myself after doing the bare minimum and bought this must have accessory.

    I finally received it in the mail and immediately charged my go pro and had my brother Justin and Clark’s sister Emma over for a test run.

    If you want to take your photography to the next level I HIGHLY suggest investing! (it’s literally only $38)

    This is the EXACT dome and go pro that I use!


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