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    EUROPE: London, England

    EUROPE, you have my heart. 1 year later, I am still as deeply in love with you as I was.

    If you ever have the chance to visit London, do the touristy things! You will regret it if you don’t.

    Take photos in the phone booths, eat at the local restaurants, DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GO!

    I loved mid day tea!! SKETCH was the coolest thing on the planet.  It definitely is not your average cup of tea, and is nothing like you would imagine!  It is almost like going to a bar and having a drink with friends!! It is so cool.  I recommend the “Earl Gray Tea”. ( I bought two boxes of this goodness to take home with me)

    If you are a luxury car geek, you will LOVE Europe, I REPEAT!

    The London Eye, very beautiful. WORTH IT!

    TEA AT SKETCH! ( try to go to the pink room, you will not regret it)

    Classy Brunches!

    Watching the Guards


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