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    We are….. ENGAGED!!

    May 1st, 2021 will hold a special place in Clark and I’s hearts for a lifetime… our engagement.

    Earlier that day…

    It started out as any other day: I had a shoot in the morning and then I headed to Of Note house in Nashville, all before heading home to get ready for our hike at Stone Door.

    Stone Door was a hike we did pretty often in High School (when Clark and I started talking/dating), we would make a whole day out of it. Picnic foods, glass soft drinks, blanket to sit on, and of course a camera to take photos. It was also the place Clark ever gave me a promise ring (photo at the bottom).

    Clark had work till 1, so it took him till around 3 to get to my house. He picked up the snacks, ended up getting me flowers, which isn’t typical unless it’s a special occasion (I knew something was up), and had on a pretty nice outfit for HIKING.. I mentioned it and he said “the jeans and boots are so I don’t get poison ivy or bug bites”, all very fair points–So I looked past it.

    All I could notice were little hints that this could be the opportunity for the proposal.. But I kept telling myself it couldn’t be: I had just gotten done with a long shoot and hadn’t washed my hair for like 5 days, my nails were busted up from having gel removed, I didn’t have on any make up and I was wearing some colorful hiking clothes–So why would he propose to me NOW, haha?


    We made it to stone door, got our things, walked up to the post where you sign your name in and Clark said “I’ll sign us in”. That was fine because I had to run back to the car, but I also noted it was strange, as I usually like to sign our names. As we walked the trail Clark mentioned that he was hungry and couldn’t wait to eat our snacks–So when we got to our spot we looked out at the beauty and started to take out our food.

    I was starving, as I hadn’t eating much of anything that day, so I quickly began to eat. Clark hardly touched his food and said he wasn’t that hungry–hmmmm– so I ate most of his cheese and crackers. He then stopped me from eating and said lets get a photo right here, then walked up to the ledge and said “like this”.

    The Proposal

    I took two photos of him, one on the polaroid and one on film, before it was my turn. He said “don’t turn around I’ll just take them both”. Instantly, I thought oh my gosh he’s going to propose… sure enough, I heard his bag unzip in between the photos and he gave me the okay to turn around, just to see him knelt to the ground extending the most beautiful ring out before me.

    As you can see in the photos, I ran towards him and knelt with him, but as much of it was a blur–I do remember him asking me to marry him and then I went to grab the ring for him, then stopping and saying “oh wait you have to put it on me”.


    While I don’t think I could’ve been more frazzled, it was a perfect proposal and I’m so happy that Clark chose such a sweet spot for us to take the next step in our relationship. We laughed and enjoyed the moments as Nelson Holliman, photographed us. Truly the day couldn’t have been more perfect–Just the two of us, a special place and a new memory.




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