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    Cheap Flight Deals–Secret!

    About two years ago I joined a site called Dollar Flight Club, I don’t talk about it much because, although not a secret site, I kept it a secret from my followers. I know I shouldn’t have, but now with all Covid-19 and the restrictions of travel–If you’re like me—then you are itching to get away.

    I keep making my list of places to travel longer and longer, unfortunately the year keeps getting shorter and I am unable to go to some places I planned (Coachella, RIP).

    I am a premium plus member to Dollar Flight Club and it allows me to pick the airport I would depart from–In my case BNA. This makes it 1000X easier to sort through emails because I’m not getting tons of them about places I can’t even go :'(. I also get discounted offers for Business class flights!

    The ONLY reason I am talking about Dollar Flight Club now, is because they are having a deal for the premium and premium plus memberships that are unbelievably cheap–so cheap I had to share. 99% off the membership and it expires May 10th, 2020… That means ONLY $1 FOR HUGE SAVINGS ON domestic and international FLIGHTS!!

    99% OFF USE CODE: ” DFCSpringSale99″



    I used Dollar Flight Club when I went to Hawaii in 2018, my flight was only $621 ($700 after fees and bags). This was a steal, considering Flights to Hawaii from Tennessee usually ranged over $900 and your girl is always on a budget and looking for a deal. (Now they are cheaper that Southwest flies there, as low as $400)

    The trip was priceless and hands down I would pay double that just to have the experience I had in Hawaii. I am always looking to see the deals they have and if you are a spontaneous person, you can travel to a new place you may have never thought of… Or a planner, you can select flights you want to be notified for.


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