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    California Dreaming

    Take a moment and think of California… What do you see?  Maybe the Hollywood sign, stars at every corner, beaches and palm trees, or maybe even that dreadful 5:00 traffic?  Thats what I think about.  When Clark and I traveled to California we had envisioned strolling the walk of fame and eating at local vegan shops, but that wasn’t it at all.


    We started off the trip right with our first private flight, it was seriously one of the COOLEST experiences (but I wouldn’t recommend if you aren’t okay with


    turbulence or are expecting a quiet flight).  We ended our long travel day in Fortuna California, in Humbolt County.  We stayed with a close

    family friend, Ceva.  She showed us around the whole time and we really got the local feel.

    If you too are from Tennessee and maybe you love it there, I highly recommend anywhere in Humbolt.  I like to call it a “glamorized Tennessee”, simply because it has an annual rodeo, mountains for horseback riding, BUT it’s also 30 minutes away from the beach and the sun doesn’t set till around 9:00 (which is great for those who like to sleep in @CLARK).

    Some of the things we did on the trip included four wheeling to the top of a mountain for a picnic on Ceva’s Family ranch, walking around Fortuna for coffee, walking with Giants in the Redwood Forrest, and taking long walks with her three puppers on the windy beaches.

    After our two weeks of Fortuna, we spent our last two nights in San Fransisco where we had free blow outs while looking the golden gate bridge (the windiest place EVER) and ate the best mini donuts on Pier 39.

    I loved every minute of our vacation and wish I never I had to leave.  So, book your flight and see any place north of LA!


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