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    Breaking In To A Secret Location

    Of course it was only a matter of time before I hoped on the instagram trend of aviator spectacles.

    I found these at Tillys  and they are seriously the perfect pair. I honestly looked at buying a pair of these for a while, but couldn’t find a pair that was cheap enough to last through this trend, or durable enough to throw into a purse.  I was walking through Greenhills Mall and Clark and I were walking through his favorite stores (Tillys, Pacsun, some other store similar to those that I can think of) when I can across these while looking through their sticker collection at the counter.  I tried them on and before looking at myself Clark gave me the thumbs up.  I looked in the mirror and immediately swiped my card and we headed on our way to find the perfect photo location.

    I was already planning to take some photos because I found this SUPER cute bralette from a store called INTIMISSIMI.  But these glasses were like the cherry on top.

    On our way back we stopped at this vintage style mall in Franklin that I used to model at for a quick photoshoot.  The urban outfitter vibe really set the mood for the look and we dared a few shots.

    This mall has small rentable shop spots and luckily one guest, who was a painter and sold their paintings, had went out for a moment and we saw our small window.  Clark had me sit down on the couch covered in paint stained tarps, paintings surrounding me, and a small gap of sunlight sitting in the perfect spot to create some dramatic light catches on my face.

    Then we snuck into a private area, which so happened to have ONE door unlocked (of like 20).  The big windows in this dark, open room created a beautiful soft lighting where we captured some of my ABSOLUTE favorite shots.

    Overall, the glasses made the look so much more put together, the saturated colors of the bralette added some pops, and the scenery added personality.  It was a great day.



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