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    I am a huge advocate for affordable fashion. Finding on trend items that are inexpensive but are still wearable, seems impossible. Luckily, I am working with Boohoo to create some go-to-spring-break-outfits that are sure to make your instagram photos stand out!

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    When traveling to your warm destination, you need a plane outfit that is comfy, but also cute enough to explore in. That being said, I found a pair that checks off everything on the list!

    Shop My Arrival Look:

    The whole look: https://go2b.uy/@jazminscheitel/3

    Melrose Ave. Graphic: https://go2b.uy/link/aaba00a223f943bba4b17811e56a89f6

    Black Biker Shorts: https://go2b.uy/link/8a1d2eb116ba46bd8af824dbce83b004

    Chunky White Platforms: https://go2b.uy/link/37ac40c8857d48ea97bcc4e4b7f92be6


    Now that you’ve gotten settled in, you need a “going out on the town” look. I chose something that was versatile so you could wear this any time of the day and the style possibilities are endless!

    Shop My Exploring Look:

    The Whole Look: https://go2b.uy/@jazminscheitel/2

    Striped Set: https://go2b.uy/link/b66167baeaa44218aa3292c42f0d670d

    Chunky Platforms: https://go2b.uy/link/37ac40c8857d48ea97bcc4e4b7f92be6


    The best part of a beach vacay is, of course, sitting on the beach! I love choosing my bathing suit of the day before heading out to walk the white sandy beaches and soaking up the warm sun.–Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would tell me her favorite color swimsuit was a bright orange. She said it makes you look 10X more tan than you already are–So I had to go for a high cut, blinding orange ‘kini.

    Shop My Beaching Look:

    The Whole Look: https://go2b.uy/@jazminscheitel/4

    Orange Bikini Top: https://go2b.uy/link/81c3df86bd7247e7a00c417831f03998

    Orange Bikini Bottoms: https://go2b.uy/link/7346c3c2c24d426097acdbceb0ca62c9

    White Cover Up: https://go2b.uy/link/10e6215a2d8e49359b7423bae39489da

    White Platforms: https://go2b.uy/link/37ac40c8857d48ea97bcc4e4b7f92be6

    Sea Shell Anklet: https://go2b.uy/link/a44a8e48a7e442278c92284248592b57

    Gold Chain Belt: https://go2b.uy/link/7eead9ea70214a64a964398a888eee0f

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