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    Moroccan Tile Case

    –Everyone’s favorite accessory of course is THEIR PHONE, most people take it where ever they go. So why not have it protected in a case that suits your style? Burga Cases has the perfect mix of cases for good prices with great quality, to fit your style–

    This weeks collection of photos is centered around my new Burga Case.  I was sent two beautiful cases, one of which I gave to my mother (photos soon to come).  I drove to the post office about 30 minutes before these photos were taken to pick them up and I am so pleasantly surprised with the quality.  I have a sold out moroccan case, but I love the bohemian look of the moroccan styles and I think they are perfect for spring and summer.


    Do you ever buy things online and are scared to see what they ACTUALLY look like, because I was so afraid of the quality of these, but my mom is using hers as her main case, and loves it!

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