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    Blonde for Summer

    2018 is quickly passing by and it seems as though I am slowly falling into my normal routine.  You might also have this routine, where you are constantly doing the same thing, going to the same places, and just waiting for moments to present themselves as apposed to find them.

    I realized this a few weeks ago when an opportunity came my way. So, with the month or so leading up to this “mystery event” I decided that I need to make a change in preparation.

    If you know me, then you know I am one of the most low maintenance people EVER.  I hate doing my hair, I hate putting on makeup everyday, and I hate dressing up all the time.  That being said the last time I got my hair done, I told myself I would be back with in 6 months… Yeah, I’m sure you can guess where this is going..  I didn’t return for TWO YEARS!!  I just assume let it grow out and it’ll be fine.. I don’t even have other people cut my hair, I do it myself *face to palm*.

    I decided to continue with my recent spontaneous outbreaks and text my cousin (Tristin) when she could squeeze me in.–Two weeks later– I was sitting in her chair with tin foil up to my root.  We went pretty blonde, more than I had anticipated, but I like change.  That being said, I am challenging you to do that thing you keep putting off, or the thing that you have been dying to do.. Maybe next, I’ll have pink hair?

    Word of advice for ladies going from a dark color, gradual is best.  If you are wanting your hair to look natural I highly recommend going with a natural Balayage!

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