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    How to adventure like a PRO

    2 years ago Clark brought me here to this mystery location.  2 Years ago we struggled for hours trying to find this golden spot, and although it was frustrating, the journey was almost as amazing as the destination. 2 years later and we made our way back.

    I thought I would throw together some of my tips on “adventuring” because I think many people tend to overlook these aspects of a trip.  There are a few I didn’t mention, but these are some of the most important.

    Tip #1: PLAN

    All though adventure usual looks extremely spontaneous like the movies, it  honestly shouldn’t be. Wouldn’t you hate to find yourself on the side of the road because you didn’t bring enough cash for gas, or lost in thick, green, bug infested, woods with no bugs spray, or ever worse, the cutest town with the best view of the mountains and you DIDNT BRING A CAMERA?! Could you imagine the horror?

    So make sure that you have an idea of the location you are going and plan for emergencies, proper clothing and shoes, and all the little extras in between. (Ex. Toilet paper for hikes, always bring a snack because 8/10 times you’ll end up wanting it, or a phone charger.)

    Though the experience might end up being a memorable one when things go wrong, it’s not so funny in the moment.

    Tip #2 GET LOST

    Not in the rude type of way, but the adventurous way. Take your Car and find yourself two hours from your starting point and see where you find yourself. It sound like a possible waste of gas, but I promise you could end up finding that diamond in the rough. (But make sure you have a GPS to find your way back, haha)

    Tip #3: ASK THE LOCALS

    7/10 the locals know the juicy spots likethe best place to get homemade icecream on that eventful, summer evening. One time clark and I found ourselves in the cutest little restaurant to get ice-cream, but they referred us to an even CUTER shop that served some of the BEST ice-cream I have ever had.  Needless to say, ask someone!

    Pull over on one your voyages and ask someone in a gas station, at the pump, or at a market, where the best place for a sunset, the best views, stargazing, or even thrift Shopping.  You never know who you might meet or the areas you’ll find.

    Tip #4: DONT DO IT ALONE

    Take a group, a new friend, or even your sibling, but definitely GO! You might be a lone wolf, but it’s always fun to SHARE a memory! Besides who’s going to take your photos (Tripods only do so much) or who are you going to blare throwbacks with while driving on winding back roads?

    Tip #5: WRITE ABOUT IT

    My favorite thing to do it journal. Maybe that’s why I love blogging so much? Get yourself a cute leather covered journal, watch a few YouTube videos on creative travel journal inspiration, and spice it up. You may never read them again but you know you have it. I can not tell you how many times I’ve just forgotten where I’ve been or maybe a place I’ve stopped because I never wrote it down. I also have found myself smiling at the pages while I flip through my own. Who knows, maybe someday someone will find it and turn it into a book.

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