I am not the best at talking about myself, so here is 15 facts!

  1. I love Travel (almost more than anything)
  2. I love Acting and Modeling
  3. I love being behind the camera and capturing those moments that seem to slip your mind.
  4. Black Licorice is my favorite candy, I know 99% of everyone hates it, don’t @ me.
  5. My favorite part of photography and videography is the editing process–thats were the magic happens
  6. One day, all of my hard work will pay off and I’ll be doing what I love for a living.
  7. I have always wanted to do something different… My entire life I always made choices that would reflect a good role model, in case I ever became famous
  8. I basically started music.ly before it was a thing. with time lapse videos and music over the top (but I tend to hide this phase of my life)
  9. I love blogging and writing, I actually started a blog when I was 8 years old (reject this too!)
  10. I have been in a few commercials, toy box covers, music videos, magazines, and a short film.
  11. I am a really shy person, until you get to know me.
  12. I tend to buy a lot of things I am interested in, but it comes in phases. (make up, clothes, furniture, etc)
  13. I tell my self I am allergic or I have weird reactions to things that are bad for me. Like sweets and things like that.
  14. I have traveled to Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Bahamas, London, Paris, California, and a few southern states.
  15. I am a huge #savetheplanet lover! So skip plastic when ever possible EX: buy some reusable straws, take your drinks in glass or a yeti, and have reusable shopping bags!

I don’t know this ACTUALLY told any of you anything about me, but I had the hardest time thinking of all 15.  I hope you guys enjoy the site, and make sure to follow my social medias and subscribe to my youtube!



(16. I <3 Clark)