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    Utah Road Trip

    Road Trip across Utah, 8 days

    January 2021, I took a spontaneous trip with three girls to the beautiful state of Utah. We are all content creators so we went with the intentions of getting “iconic” photos–Which meant visiting as many “Utah-must-sees” as possible. I spent days planning our schedule, down to drive time and scheduled lunches… I understand your trip might be a little more laid back, so I hope this will give you some insight to our 8 day Road Trip!

    Day 1: Fly into Salt Lake City

    We got to SLC around lunch time and we had to wait for SK’s flight to land, so us southern girls took our happy butts to In and Out (typical). It’s not worth the hype, but when in the west coast–amiright? We picked up the dress we rented from @Oliviasrentals for our exciting sun rise shoot on Day 2. —Fast forward— We dropped our things off at the hotel (we stayed at a marriott, as cheap as possible) before heading to Park City. We actually got caught in a snow storm on our way there, so we pulled off and had an impromptu photoshoot in the snow haha.

    Park City is a ski town and boy, was it straight out of a hallmark movie. We walked up and down the strip as the snow fell silently, before stopping to eat (I don’t remember the restaurant, it wasn’t a special spot or anything). For dessert, we stopped at the Rocky mountain chocolate shop and got Apple Pie Caramel Apples and they were *chefs kiss*.

    Day 2: Bonneville Salt Flats + Little Sahara Desert

    Our 2nd day in Utah was much more eventful. We woke up before sunrise and drove an hour west, to the Bonneville Salt Flats. This road was THE WORST. It looked like a never-ending loop–as we drove it was completely flat and the road was completely straight. If you are too tired, please do not make this commute, maybe try sunset instead. There is also only one gas station that we saw, so make sure your car can make it.

    January in Utah on the salt flats is more than likely, exactly what you would think… COLD.  We didn’t take this into consideration when picking our dress rental and as I’m sure you can guess from the photos… We were FREEZING.  The wind didn’t make it any better. I would highly recommend bringing an extra warm jacket, a hat, and gloves, if you plan on getting out of the car.

    Once we finished at the Salt Flats, we met SK half way before heading to the Little Sahara.

    –Mishap—SK accidently left her computer in the Uber’s car, thankfully she noticed and he was able to bring it back with in 15 or so minutes!

    The drive to Little Sahara was a breeze!  It only took about an hour or so and it was so worth it. When we arrived, we were the only people there, as it was pretty much closed due to the season and the rona. We paid the entry fee in cash and headed into the park.  We went to the 3rdentrance, which is a picnic area and great for recreational use.  This is important, as we were there to take photos and didn’t want to get ran over by dunebuggies (I don’t think anyone was out there though, it looked like a wasteland).

    –Mishap—We thought we had lost laken.  We called out to her but never hear any responses, so I (probably the only one) started panicking.. It is a BIG area and if something had happened, it would’ve been really hard to find her.

    The photos came out AMAZING and it was really easy to find sand that didn’t have foot prints or tire tracks, so be patient and don’t be afraid to venture around (but stay in the designated areas)

    That night we travel more north to stay in Provo (so we could drop of the dress rental), but I would recommend staying in either Sundance or travel farther south.

    8 days in Utah, day 2: Bonneville Salt Flats
    8 days in Utah, day 2: Bonneville Salt Flats
    8 days in Utah, Little sahara

    DAY 3: MOAB

    We woke up in Provo to shoot at the Frozen Utah Lake (located in the vineyard area) and then got Betos burritios for breakfast (they were amazing) and drinks from Swig.  Soda shops are very popular in Utah and I would make a trip out there right now, if it meant I could have one..  After breakfast, we traveled out to Moab to see the famous Arch.  

    We stayed in a Marriott, which looks like its in the middle of nowhere (little sketch) but it was so lovely and right next to the Arches park entrance!  We drove through the park and hiked the trail to hit the Arch before sunset.  There were some icy spots, so make sure you take your time if you visit in the Winter.  We were sooo out of breath during the walk,  thank goodness I brought loads of Waiakea Water. Notice:If you have asthma or other health concerns, pace yourself and bring anything you may need.

    The scene legitimately took our breath away.. It was amazing. If you plan to stay till it gets dark, make sure you bring a flash light to help you get back.  The sunset was so worth it and was a great story to tell our loved ones.  I will also note, that I have At&t and the service was incredible.. I was able to FT Clark and my family.

    8 days in Utah, Arches
    8 days in Utah: Arches

    8 days in utah, Utah frozen lake photo location

    Day 4: Relax Day

    We had initially planned to see the Bathtub Hot Springs, but with the restrictions in place, we were unable to get reservations (so be better prepared and do research before going).  We spent the day catching up on work and enjoying a relaxing evening before heading to Panguitch.  

    In panguitch we stayed at a motel and if you follow me on Isntagram you were aware of the condition this place was in.  We reenacted scenes from Schitts Creek, if that says anything.  I wont go too far into detail, because I don’t want to bash the place, but I wouldn’t recommend staying in this area if you are a drama queen—like myself..

    Day 5: Bryce Canyon

    –Mishap—Our back door didn’t get shut all the way and our luggage fell out onto the road.  Luckily we got out just in time and moved it, before a semi truck rolled through.  We were terrified!!

    After researching, I found that you really only need about 4 hours in Bryce.  It is a leisurely walk with beautiful views and it was well worth the stop. The route we took from panguitch was stunning; my favorite part was driving through the two arches on the way there.  I do wish we had more than one day to spend here, as there are so many entrances and things to see in this park..  I thought it was just one loop and done, but that is far from the trutch.  We did the amphitheatre walk, which I think is the most recognizable.  I loved everysecond and the photos were amazing!!  There was a lot of snow and fog in the beginning but it cleared up really nicely.

    –Mishap—Our back door didn’t get shut all the way and our luggage fell out onto the road.  Luckily we got out just in time and moved it, before a semi truck rolled through.  We were terrified!!

    We ate at a little diner on the way out and it was the perfect end to our Bryce visit.

    8 days in Utah: Bryce canyon
    8 days in Utah, road trip.  Bryce canyon

    Day 6: Zion

    The night before we drove from Bryce to Springdale, which meant we drove through the zion park and we didn’t even realize it at first. The tunnels were even scarier at night.

    We stayed in Springdale, which is right by the entrance to Zion.  If you are an experienced hiker, I would recommend spending more than a full day in Zion, but if you are along for the ride and want some good photos 1 day should be just fine.  

    Being that it was winter and there were rock falls and construction happening, a lot of the routes were closed due to dangerous conditions.  We did the wheelchair accessible, river walk first.  It was beautiful, but we turned back half way through because we were to excited for Canyon Overlook (not be confused with observation point-which I kept calling it).  We did a short .5 mile hike to the Overlook, where we set up a spot for photo ops and video content.  It was gorgeous view and the photos look like you did an insane hike.  Round trip is only 1 mile, but still bring water and maybe a light lunch to have a picnic.

    We stayed at the same hotel that night before leaving for Vegas.

    River Walk, handicap accessible.
    8 days in Utah, Zion national park
    Canyon Overlook, wearing XXIV active and Blundestone boots

    Day 7: Evening in Vegas

    We drove about 2.5 hours to Vegas that evening and went straight to our hotel.  We got ready for a limo ride to the famous Vegas Sign and dinner at Lavo.  

    Day 8: Vegas

    We had a full day in vegas, before we left the next morning, so we ventured out to the 7 magic mountains for content and it eventually started raining, so we got out photos and left.  We then ate at the iconic Egg Slut, which was sooo good.  I just got an egg salad sandwhich and orange juice.  We then proceeded to walk up and down the strip, occasionally venturing into hotels to see the extravagant nature that is Las Vegas.

    Ultimately, I would say you only need half a day to a full day in Vegas.  I personally never have a desire to go back and most people I know say it is the worst place in the US.. So take that information how you wish.  We just planned to fly out of LV, so we were forced to be there for too long haha.

    8 days in Utah, 7 magic mountains

    I want to note that we were very cautious with what we did, keeping the condition of the US in mind at all times. We wouldn’t have taken the trip if we didn’t believe we would be safe. We never went to crowded areas and kept our distance from everyone.

    All images are property of Jazmin Scheitel, if you wish to use them, please email me.  If you share, please credit to @JazminScheitel on instagram.

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